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2AM - 어느 봄날 (Eoneu Bomnal/One Spring Day) from One Spring Day


1. Spring
2. 너를 읽어보다 (Neoreul Ilgeoboda/Reading You)
3. 위로 (Wiro/Comfort)
4. 어느 봄날 (Eoneu Bomnal/One Spring Day)
5. Sunshine
6. 그대 (Geudae/That Moment)
7. 그대를 잊고 (Geudaereul Itgo/Forgetting You)
8. 내게로 온다 (Naegero Onda/Come To Me)
9. 어느 봄날 Inst


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Support 2AM and download/buy One Spring Day legally!! For further information, you can check this post on W2D! Feel free to discuss their comeback as well. ^^

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